We want FCDC membership to be both fun and fulfilling. We want to energize members to increase their participation in FCDC activities.

Engage Members

We make an effort in Providence to quickly welcome new members, and put them in touch with their precinct captains. We want to find out what else they may be interested in doing to help elect Democrats. I have long made it a practice, when receiving a notice of a new volunteer, to reach out immediately.

This has produced results—currently the Providence District Democratic Committee has more members than any other district committee. This is not a coincidence. We work to encourage volunteers to join us. Many of our new volunteers turn out to be highly energized, and we have recruited many a precinct captain among them.

There have been recent initiatives to improve member engagement county-wide. Recently, Kimberley Davis and Geofre Schoradt presented to the FCDC Steering Committee a Precinct Ops Volunteer Coordination Program that I highly approve of. As FCDC Chair, I would work to implement strategy they describe.


I have often told people who express dismay with the meetings that going to FCDC meetings is by far not the most important contribution they can make to FCDC. However, I have long believed that FCDC meetings can be made both more fun and fulfilling.

At times, there are panel discussions that take place before meetings, but many members are not able to get there in time for an extra hour of meeting. I propose instead devoting a part of the regular FCDC meeting to having a relatively short presentation by a provocative and perhaps controversial figure, to help us think more out of the box.

Providence has developed a tradition of having Dinner & Discussions—I developed and presented at the first one—which gave people the opportunity to meet and discuss topics that were not typical Democratic committee mechanics. This should be expanded county-wide.

Best Practices

While chairing the Providence Democrats I’ve also been constantly on the lookout in the other districts to identify best practices around the County. I am in awe of the Mount Vernon Mardi Gras. I’m moving to Mount Vernon in the Spring, so I’ll get to know that Committee better. The Mason Crab Feast? An amazing continuity. The Hunter Mill Lasagna Dinner? How do you raise all that money? The Springfield Democrats put together an awesome video on training for staffing the polling place on election day. These are just examples. Dranesville, Braddock, Lee, Sully—in each district I see something and think, we should be doing that in Providence. As FCDC Chair, I pledge that we will work together to disseminate best practices among the committees in a way that recognizes each district’s special strengths.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from people who’ve quit FCDC, or stopped being active, because of all the disrespect they’ve seen here. We’ve all seen it. FCDC members tearing down other members creates the opposite of energizing. Too many of us just shrug our shoulders, and say, that’s just the way it is. It doesn’t have to be. I want to be clear: if I hear an FCDC member bad-mouthing another member, I will call you out. A culture in which that sort of thing is the norm is not acceptable, and FCDC is going to lead by example.