We want to elect Democrats because we want to advance Democratic values. At their core, Democratic values come down to, The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number, with Dignity For All. This is worth working to achieve.


The reason that we work so hard at this is because we want to advance Democratic Values. And the best way to advance Democratic Values is to elect Democrats—to see to it that there are more Democrats than Republicans holding elected office.

In Providence, I’ve spent several years working each year to make us a more effective organization. Has it worked? Let’s use the metric of the increase in votes that Ralph Northam received this year compared to the what Terry McAuliffe received four years ago. Here’s what it looked like in Fairfax County:

While the largest improvement was in the county-wide absentee votes, Providence had the greatest increase in votes compared to four years ago. Having a strong precinct captain organization already in place when the Coordinated Campaign arrived gave them a leg up, and Providence engaged in extra activities outside of the Coordinated Campaign to boost turnout among Democratic voters. (These district totals do not include absentee votes, but Providence accounts for 11.1 percent of Active Registered Voters, and accounted for 11.5 percent of total absentee votes in Fairfax County, so Providence held its own in that regard.)

While we had great results this year, we may not be so lucky next time in our opponents, and we’ll have a tough opponent in 2018 in the 10th Congressional District.

We are going to need to up our game. And we can do it.


A grassroots, volunteer organization does not need to raise the vast amounts of money that, for example, a typical Congressional Campaign requires in order to be effective. But FCDC does need to improve its fundraising to improve the effectiveness of the organization.

During the six years I have been district chair, the Providence Democrats have increased the total amount of money raised in each year compared to the previous year. Much of the increase has come from persuading more sponsors to step up, and persuading sponsors to increase their support.

Fairfax County is full of people who are used to contributing money to campaigns, but have seen less advantage to supporting the Democratic Committees. They need to see results, and they need to be persuaded that an effective FCDC can deliver those results, year-in and year-out.

I have put my money where my mouth is, and have been at the highest level of FCDC Sustainer. The Sustainer program needs to be enhanced, and I will work for that.

FCDC needs the extra funds because we could benefit from having additional staff, both operations and bookkeeping. We can’t take away from our other operations to fund that, so we are going to need to up our game in fundraising as well.

And we are going to do that.